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The Soul Matrix

Residential stay
Single room with arrival on Friday and departure on Sunday plus all meals from Friday supper until Sunday lunch
Camping / Camper van with arrival on Sunday and departure on Sunday, including all meals from supper on Friday to lunch on Sunday. Camping Summer only.
Not required
Meals only
Meal option 1: Friday supper, Saturday lunch + supper, Sunday lunch
Meal option 2: Friday supper, Saturday + Sunday lunch
Not required
Diets - All meals are vegetarian
Vegetarian - no diet
Vegan and Gluten free
The college is not able to cater for allergies and intolerances except for vegan and gluten free. We provide self-catering facilities for those who need it. Tick this box if this applies to you and we will contact you.
Optional donation
Support our student bursary fund to ensure our courses are accessible to all.
No thank you
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The Soul Matrix
Sat 1 Jul 23 (10:30) – Sun 2 Jul 23 (17:00)
Emerson College, Forest Row

We are in a time of a great global spiritual awakening, a shift from fear to love, separation to Unity Consciousness and struggle to new possibilities. In this time frame, energies on and within the Earth are changing. We are in a great renaissance of interest in angels and angelic healing light. At this time of ascension there is much support from the Angelic realm and from many guides and beings

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